Prodacapo FCG Acquired by LOGEX

Published by Mark Stevens on

October, 2018  
LOGEX, Prodacapo, and Ivbar merge to form LOGEX Group to provide costing and quality analytics for European healthcare industry.    The three companies each hold positions in their respective markets – the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK and France.                                 

LOGEX is headquartered in Amsterdam, providing solutions for cost tracking, budgeting and planning in healthcare. LOGEX also comprises Value2Health and MRDM. Value2Health specializes in giving healthcare providers, receivers or organisers, performance information making improvements.  MRDM provides data security and privacy solutions.

Prodacapo FCG
Prodacapo FCG is headquartered in Helsinki providing costing analytics and regional performance management software for the health and social care sector in Finland, Sweden and Norway.  Prodacapo also has a presence in the UK market.  Prodacapo was acquired by FCG (Finish Consulting Group) in December 2017.

Ivbar is headquartered in Stockholm providing technical solutions for efficiency analytics and management of advanced payment models for healthcare organisations.