Profitability and Cost Management Books, ABC, Activity-Based Costing

This section provides a short list of books that you may find helpful in your quest to improve your organization’s cost and profitability models for decision making.  While there are literally thousands of books published on this subject, we provide here a few of our favorites.  Links to order them are also provided.  PCS Consulting receives no monetary reward for sale of any of these.

I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It: How Accounting Information Undermines Profitability

It may be effective in reporting historical results to outsiders, but relying on the information generated by a GAAP-based accounting system when making management decisions can seriously undermine a company’s profitability.  Doug Hicks, PCS Consulting Alliance Partner, makes the case to support this statement in his this book.  Doug has an entertaining but serious writing style that makes the book’s collection of sixteen essays an easy and informative read. 

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Customer Profitability
Demon Customers & Angel Customers: Discover which is which and Turbo Charge Your Stock

While this book was written by Larry Selden and Geoff Colvin in 2003, it is just as valid today as it was then. Maybe more so with the advancement of “Big Data” information technology. This book shows how businesses can thrive by learning which customers are creating the most profit-and which are losing them money. The authors show how to manage the business not as a collection of products and services but as a customer portfolio.

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Implementing Activity-Based Planning and Budgeting - The Closed Loop, CAM-I
The Closed Loop - Implementing Activity Based Planning & Budgeting

“Organization and management ideas and practices have advanced considerably for many years. But the art of management is in its infancy. Developing our knowledge, skills, and attitudes begins in books like this one. The foundations of general management are explored here. How? By focusing on planning and budgeting fundamentals.” Charles T. Horngren, Stanford University

Co-Authored By: Mark Stevens, PCS Consulting and other CAM-I CMS Program members

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Activity-Based Costing, ABC
Activity-Based Costing - Making It Work For Small & Mid-Sized Companies

Doug Hicks, PCS Consulting Alliance Partner, provides a down-to-earth approach to costing in this easy to read jam packed book of expert guidance for implementing Activity-Based Costing in small and mid-size manufacturing companies.  Although first published over twenty years ago (1999 & 2002), it is still valid today.  Exception being the use of application software and information technology is much more available and better today.    

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