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SAP mainstream maintenance for Profitability & Cost Management (PCM) ends this year. PCS Consulting partners with CostPerform, leading costing software provider, to provide an alternative for PCM customers not considering SAP PaPM as a replacement. We partnered with CostPerform to to quickly migrate PCM models to CostPerform with minimal effort or impact on existing inbound and outbound data management systems.

With mainstream maintenance for SAP PCM ending this year, now is a good time for existing PCM customers to consider their options.  While the new SAP native HANA Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) solution is very powerful, not all PCM customers will go that route.  Those customers should take a look at CostPerform as a replacement. Here’s why:

  • CostPerform is competitively priced, sometimes the purchase is no more than your current PCM maintenance fees.
  • Can replicate your existing PCM models with minimal impact on existing inbound and outbound data management systems.
  • In addition, CostPerform has several advantages:
    – Unlike PCM’s fixed dimension assignments (RC, LI, Activity, and Cost Objects), that force problematic reassignments or multiple models, CostPerform natively provides unlimited cost assignment layers.
    – An array of options for cost allocation, conditional allocations, and straightforward custom formulas are provided.
    – Can assign costs from and to parent levels of resource, activity and cost object hierarchies which can significantly simply model building and maintenance.
    Multiple options to see the flow of resource consumption and cost assignment, including a pivot view similar to PCM, plus a predefined schematic view, and the ability to create custom interactive flowchart views.
    Easy to use ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) capability.

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PCS Consulting does not sell the CostPerform or any other software.  We partner with all of the leading software vendors to help provide the best solutions for our clients.  We have intimate knowledge of the SAP PCM and CostPerform software, and also the new SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) solution.