Profitability and Cost Management Software Intelligence

Profitability & Cost Software Intelligence Overview

PCS Consulting maintains an intelligence knowledge-base of the top Profitability & Cost Management software solutions and vendors. Through continuous review and hands-on experience implementing theses solutions, PCS maintains industry leading intelligence on each software solution.  Download our Software Intelligence Overview with the download button.

Profitability & Cost Software Selection Methodology

This document provides a formal Methodology for Evaluating and Selecting software to best meet specific Profitability & Cost Management system requirements.  The methodology is a result of extensive experience and expertise developed over 30 years assisting organizations in virtually every industry select and implement Profitability and Cost Management systems software. Read more…

Prodacapo FCG Acquired by LOGEX

October, 2018  LOGEX, Prodacapo, and Ivbar merge to form LOGEX Group to provide costing and quality analytics for European healthcare industry.    The three companies each hold positions in their respective markets – the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK and France.                      Read more…