Profitability and Cost Management is the practice of providing decision makers with directionally correct and relevant economic information that help them make decisions to achieve their profitability and cost objectives.

Service-Based organizations should apply the same cost management concepts as profit-based companies, but their costing models will be a little different. For these organizations, aligning the costs with the activities to provide the specific services to customers is critical.

SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) provides business users power to access and aggregate data from multiple sources, perform complex cost and profitability calculations on high volume of data at low levels of granularity in lightning speed, leveraging the native power of SAP HANA in-memory database engine.

CostPerform Cost & Performance Software is provided by QPR CostControl BV, headquartered in the Netherlands with over 450 active customers. The solution supports all of the costing functions and features expected with modern cost modeling software, plus unique features not included with other solutions.  Especially at the price point.

PlaidCloud is a cost assignment, profitability analysis, and financial analytics SaaS solution developed by Tartan Solutions, headquartered in the United States.  It provides a unique ability to replicate SAP PCM  models to quickly migrate client models to the PlaidCloud platform.

CadDo provides a cloud-based Profitability and Cost Modeling solution with the unique ability to quickly replicate Acorn EPS or PA5G models to the CadDo platform. PCS Consulting has partnered with CadDo to provide current Acorn customers the ability to quickly and seamlessly migrate their models to the CadDo Calculate™ solution.