Attention Acorn EPS & PA5G Systems Customers

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Acorn Systems EPS PA5G

Attention Acorn EPS and PA5G Systems Customers …
Are you still using your Acorn EPS or PA5G software?  If yes, you should read this post.

Since the acquisition of Acorn Systems by Ignite Technologies in 2014, many of the original Acorn Systems customers have moved on to different solutions to meet their profitability and cost management needs. Those remaining have either embraced the newer released Ignite versions and migrated to the subscription service or are still considering other options. If your company is in this last group of customers considering other options, read more below.

PCS Consulting has partnered with CadDo to provide current Acorn EPS and PA5G customers the ability to quickly and seamlessly migrate their Acorn models to the CadDo Calculate platform. The unique structure of the CadDo platform and customized conversion tools make it possible to Seamlessly Replicate most any Acorn EPS or PA5G model within 2-3 Weeks with no hardware or IT infrastructure costs. The customer is then able to begin using their models on the CadDo platform, by simply re-pointing their existing reports.

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PCS Consulting does not sell any software.  We partner with all of the leading Profitability and Cost Management software vendors to select and implement the best solutions for our clients.  We have strong working knowledge of the Acorn Systems software, have been supporting legacy Acorn customers for years, and know which solutions are best for migration.