Profitability and Cost Systems Software Intelligence and Software Selection

Software Intelligence & Software Selection

Implementing a Profitability & Cost Management system is much more than just the implementation of the software. It is about implementing a combination of methodology, application software, systems integration and reporting. However, choosing the right software is still a critical decision which can drive the cost and level of success toward achieving the organizations profitability and cost management objectives.

Software Intelligence

PCS Consulting maintains an intelligence knowledge-base of the top Profitability & Cost Management software solutions and vendors. Through our continuous review and hands-on experience implementing these solutions, we maintain industry leading intelligence on each of these solutions.

We offer Software Intelligence Briefings for organizations planning or thinking of purchasing Profitability & Cost Management software. These briefings can significantly reduce the time and effort required to evaluate and select the software that will best meet the organization’s needs. We can often quickly help our clients develop a software short list of the top two or three solutions that should be considered. In some cases, narrowing the field to only one or two solutions.

An overview of our Profitability & Cost Management Software Intelligence is available for download here.

Software Intelligence Overview

Software Selection

We assist our clients to evaluate and select third party Profitability and Cost Management software that will best meet their needs. We offer a proven Software Evaluation and Selection Methodology, specifically for Profitability and Cost Management software, that is tailored to meet each client’s unique situation.  The methodology has evolved from over three decades’ experience implementing Profitability and Cost Management software and our experience implementing the top vendor solutions. We leverage our Software Intelligence knowledge-base of the top Cost and Profitability Management software solutions as a key component of this methodology.

An overview of our Profitability & Costing Software Selection Methodology is available for download here.

Software Selection Methodology

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