CostPerform, Activity-Based Cost Modeling, Profitability and Cost Management Software

PCS Consulting has been successfully implementing the CostPerform solution since 2010, and is a Certified Partner in the CostPerform Global Professional Network.  We are among the most experienced CostPerform implementation consulting firms in North America.

The CostPerform software is provided by QPR CostControl BV, headquartered in Vianen, Netherlands. Offices and alliance partners are located throughout Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa and South America. The company is dedicated to their single costing & profitability solution “CostPerform”. The company began as a cost management consulting firm, implementing the QPR ABM solution for several years. In 2001 the firm purchased the ABC solution from QPR Software Plc, a Finish software company to form QPR CostControl BV in the Netherlands. The US sales office and support is in Baltimore, MD.

    Full Functioning Solution + Unique Features

    CostPerform supports all of the cost modeling functions and features expected with modern cost modeling software, plus some unique features not available in other solutions, such as;

    • Robust Unlimited Multi-Level cost assignments for waterfall and shared-service cost allocations,
    • Strong Resource Capacity Consumption modeling,
    • Several Built-In Cost Driver Functions, plus Strong Custom Formula capable, 
    • Flexible Folder-To-Folder Cost Assignments, assigning costs from and to parent folder levels in hierarchical object structures,
    • Visual Business Process Modeling of the model structure and calculated results.
    • HTML Model Results that can be provided to users without requiring user log-in access,  
    • “Big Data” layer providing ability to support higher volume cost object models. 
    Sample Screen Shots
    Business Modeler Self-Sufficiency

    CostPerform includes ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) functionality with flexible and easy to use features that enable Business Modelers to automate the collection of source data, straightforward transformations and data mapping to load into CostPerform with no or limited IT support. Model results from CostPerform can be converted into common formats for other data warehouses and reporting systems to use. CostPerform is not intended to be a full functioning ETL tool typically used by IT. It provides an appropriate level of functionality for model owners to be more self-sufficient, with less reliance on IT, and to more efficiently transform data with less manipulation in excel.

    Proven Solution

    The CostPerform solution has evolved over the last 20 years. It is a proven solution with an impressive active user base of over 450 customers, mostly in Europe and growing in the U.S., Australia and beyond. The software is very reasonably priced, offering most of the functions, features and technology provided by other vendors for a fraction of the price.

    PCS Consulting does not sell any software. We partner with all of the leading Profitability and Cost Management software vendors to select and implement the best solutions for our clients.  We specialize in the design and implementation of Profitability and Cost Management systems using off-the shelf software to provide decision makers with valid economic modeling decision support systems that help them make economically sound decisions to achieve their profitability objectives.  We have been implementing the CostPerform solution for over 10 years.

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