Profitability and Cost Management Design and Implementation

Design & Implementation

The depth of implementation experience and expertise our consultants have with modern Profitability & Cost Management, Software Intelligence, Systems Integration and Business Intelligence systems culminate into proven Design & Implementation methods. Our consultants have a foundation of “Lessons Learned” and implementation experience across nearly every industry. Armed with this experience, expertise and technology, we assist our clients through each stage of the Profitability & Cost Management system implementation process.

Proven Approach & Methodology

There is no single best way to implement a Profitability and Cost Management system.  However, whether utilizing traditional “Waterfall” or “Agile” project methodologies, there are proven steps and techniques we have developed over the last two decades or so. Our seasoned consultants come to each project armed with hands-on experience and a full tool box ready to assist our clients achieve success.  

Clear Objectives and Requirements

Defining clear objectives and business requirements as a common vision for the profitability and cost management system serve as the guide post for refereeing conflicts and keeping the project on track through each step of the implementation. Our most senior consultants provide guidance and assistance for this critical initial step.

Profitability and Cost Management System Implementation Methodology Agile Waterfall
Good Model Design for Good Decisions

Profitability and Cost Management systems should model the realities of the organization with correct and relevant cost and profitability information to provide decision makers with the economic information they need to make “Good Decisions”. Decisions that will help them lead their organizations to a more profitable future. Poorly designed systems, even when using the best software and technology, will produce misleading information that result in misinformed decisions that can negatively impact profit.

The system should be designed to provide the needed information in a way that is practical to sustain over time within the realities of the organization’s resources. Pulling together this mix of design and information technology is our specialty. Our consultants are world recognized experts in the design of profitability and cost management systems leveraging practical methods and technology. We bring a unique combination of subject matter expertise with hands-on software, systems integration and business intelligence reporting analytics skills and experience.

Build For Success

A combination of business operations, financial systems, modeling software, and information systems expertise is required to build an effective and sustainable cost and profitability system. Despite software vendor marketing of no or minimal IT required, the implementation of most profitability and cost modeling systems do require time and expertise from both the functional and information technology parts of the organization. The build of the profitability and cost model is typically developed and maintained by the business function and/or finance organizations. The development and maintenance of the systems integration is typically provided from the IT side, with strong participation from the business for the source data identification, data quality, and reporting development.  While new technologies continue to reduce reliance on the IT organization, a significant commitment is still typically required.

Working The Gray Space

A successful system implementation requires resources from all three areas of the organization (Functional, Finance and Information Technology) to collaborate as a holistic project team. Often much easier said than done. PCS Consultants work this “Gray Space” to help bridge the skills and perspectives of these groups with our unique mix of cost & profit modeling and information technology expertise and experience. Our consultants provide both the cost & profit modeling systems implementation expertise and hands-on project resources required to achieve a successful implementation.

Systems Integration & Business Intelligence

The cost and profit modeling software commercially available today provide various levels of reporting and analysis. Some provide strong reporting analytics and bi-directional scenario capabilities for what-if and planning analysis. However, these internal reporting capabilities are often not enough to meet the needs or the organization has a standard enterprise BI solution that must be used. For these the cost and profitability system results are typically integrated to the BI reporting analytics solution.

We have experience integrating cost and profit results information from all of the top cost and profitability software with all of the major Business Intelligence solutions. We provide a full range of services, from integration with an existing BI solution to implementation of a new BI system as part of the cost and profitability solution.

Proven Experts and Experience

We provide expert guidance and experienced hands-on assistance through each stage of the implementation process.  We work side-by-side with our client’s team to provide just the right balance of guidance, expertise and incremental resources to best position the project team for success.
Using our proven methods and techniques, we assist our clients to implement Profitability and Cost Management systems that meet their needs at a reasonable cost.

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