PCS Consulting has been working with CadDo to support existing Acorn Systems customers since 2015, and is now a Partner to provide the CadDo solutions to our clients.


CadDo, a UK-based company headquartered in London, was officially formed in 2018. The precursor version of the CadDo Calculate solution has been in place with the first customer since 2016, and over 15 current large household recognized customers now use the CadDo solution. While a relatively new software vendor, the CadDo team has been implementing profitability and costing systems for decades as a consultancy. They were a re-seller and implementer of the Acorn Systems solution in the European market prior to Ignite Technologies acquisition of Acorn Systems in 2014.

CadDo has a single Calculate™ solution, that is used to meet two distinct client needs:

  • Profitability & Cost Management
  • Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) scoring for Asset/Investment Managers.

Because of this ESG capability, they also support and advocate the augmentation of Profitability & Cost Management solutions with sustainability data thereby creating a point solution that can also provide management with an understanding of how individual product and customers affect overall corporate sustainability, in addition to profitability.

The CadDo Calculate™ Engine

At the heart of CadDo Calculate™ is a SQL Server engine, configurable through a web-based interface. The solution includes the typical functionality commonly used in profitability and cost modelling solutions, such as General Ledger / Resource Pool allocations through Activities to Cost Objects (e.g. products, customers, channels). However, it is not as rigid as many of its competitors. CadDo Calculate does not require any pre-defined assignment structures or calculations. Users can create drivers and calculations as needed, using simple SQL statements. They can create views, custom tables, stored procedures and more, all from the User Interface. 

Sample Screen Shots
Acorn System Migration

PCS Consulting has partnered with CadDo to provide current Acorn EPS and PA5G customers the ability to quickly and seamlessly migrate their Acorn models to the CadDo Calculate platform.  The unique structure of the CadDo platform and customized conversion tools make it possible to Seamlessly Replicate most any Acorn EPS or PA5G model within 2-3 Weeks with no hardware or IT infrastructure costs. The customer is then able to begin using their models on the CadDo platform, by simply re-pointing their existing reports. 

We have a strong working knowledge of the Acorn Systems software, have been supporting legacy Acorn customers for years, and know which solutions are best for migration.  CadDo is the most straight forward and attractively priced alternative for Acorn customers who want to “Lift and Shift” their models to another platform. 

Service Offerings

CadDo offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model utilizing Microsoft Azure as the backbone and Microsoft Analysis Services and Power BI for the reporting and analysis layer. On-premise implementations and the use of other reporting tools are also supported. The CadDo solution can be purchased directly from CadDo and it is available to be purchased and invoiced directly through the AZURE MARKETPLACEenabling agreements to be handled through Microsoft.

CadDo also offers a fully managed service, where the customer’s models are run and manage by the CadDo team as needed. Services are customized to meet the customers unique needs.

PCS Consulting does not sell any software. We partner with all of the leading Profitability and Cost Management software vendors to select and implement the best solutions for our clients.  We specialize in the design and implementation of Profitability and Cost Management systems using off-the shelf software to provide decision makers with valid economic modeling decision support systems that help them make economically sound decisions to achieve their profitability objectives.  We have been working with the CadDo team since 2015. 

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