Performance Management Trends Conference

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Use of “Big Data” In-Memory On-Demand For Profitability & Cost Management -

Mark Stevens of PCS Consulting is among thought leader group of speakers at the International Business Performance Trends Conference in Portugal to share and collaborate on trends in performance management.                                                                            

Organizations who understand the key variables of their profitability will be one step ahead of their competition.  It is becoming more difficult for top management to decide where to invest time and money, from all the methodologies and tools available, in order to guarantee that any transformation is aligned with the strategy and expected results.

Mr. Stevens’ presentation discussed the historical perspective of Economic Cost Modeling Methodologies with advancements of systems integration and business intelligence “BI” technologies with the resulting growth of data volumes, aka “Big Data”.  Mark shared how some PCS Consulting customers are utilizing these technologies to provide cost and profitability calculations and reporting across vast amounts (Billions of records) of data “On Demand” by end users in seconds/minutes versus the historical hours to calculate and persist results for reporting.  Examples from two PCS Consulting clients were shared.

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