CostPerform Releases Latest Version 9.3.2

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CostPerform Release 9.3.2

Includes a New Ribbon Toolbar & Interface Enhancements, Enhanced Rollup/Drilldown, Multiple Input Controls, Enhanced ETL & Data Transfer, New API Functions, New Calculation Functions, New User Defined Function, Desktop Gadgets, Whiteboard Enhancements, Pivot Enhancements, Technical Updates, Performance, and Performance Improvements.                                                     

New Ribbon Toolbar is a cleaner and more intuitive user interface with functions organized in tabs at the top of the window for improved discover-ability and understanding.

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Additional Improvements:

  • Enhanced Rollup/Drilldown Functionality – Rollup/Drilldown with a group of objects, Group on multiple attributes, Exclude objects, attribute values for all layers, and Improved performance from Big Data records.
  • Multiple Input Controls for a scenario in the Dashboard
  • Enhanced ETL and Data Transfer features and user interface
  • New API Functions for enhanced user customization and automation
  • New Calculation Functions – Dynamic Referencing to use values stored in other attributes in a reference formula, Fixed Rate allocation type, Use of scripts in formulas, and more
  • New User Defined Function – To perform custom actions in CostPerform
  • Various Interface Improvements
  • Desktop Gadgets – Show gadgets (e.g. API Sankey Chart HTML) on the desktop.
  • Whiteboard Enhancements – Run scripts and formulas from the white board, buttons, and content import/export.
  • Pivot Enhancements to improve the interface and usability.
  • Several Technical Updates
  • Performance Improvements

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