Software Selection

Implementing a Profitability & Cost Management system with activity based costing software is much more than just the implementation of an ABC software package. It is about implementing a combination of activity-based methodology, application software, systems integration and reporting. That said, choosing the right ABC software is still a critical decision which can drive the cost and level of success toward achieving the organizations profitability and cost management objectives.

While on the surface activity based costing is simple, effective deployment of the methodology requires thoughtful planning and execution. The software and vendor you choose is a critical part of the deployment. All ABC software solutions are NOT equal, so it is important to understand how each can satisfy the unique requirements of your organization.

Our mission is to help you select the ABC software that is best for your organization. To accomplish that mission, we provide a range services designed to educate and guide clients through the software selection process, specifically developed for ABC software selection. Each of these services can be used in concert or independently based on individual client need:

Selection Methodology
Proven methodology to provide guidance through each step of the ABC software selection process. The methodology is used as a starting point and customized to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Go To

Software Intelligence
Maintain industry leading intelligence on the leading Activity Based Costing software solutions and vendors. This intelligence is maintained through periodic reviews and hands-on implementation experience with the solutions. Go To

Software Briefings
Provide ABC Software Intelligence Briefings for clients planning or thinking of purchasing ABC software. These briefings help establish a software short list and prioritize which solutions that should be considered. Go To

Prototyping Software
We provide clients an option to design and build a working prototype with our PCSABC Software prior to the full implementation of a more comprehensive and expensive commercial ABC solution. The prototype software is provided to our clients at no cost. Go To

In providing each of these services, we leverage our ABC Software Intelligence and extensive experience and expertise developed over the last decade assisting clients in virtually every industry worldwide.


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