Education & Training - Implementation Life Cycle

Education and training plays a critical role during each phase of the profitability and cost management system implementation life cycle. Our implementation approach leverages multiple types of education, training and knowledge transfer tools for each level of the organization to accomplish full knowledge transfer and self sufficiency at the conclusion of the project.

Public Education & Training

PCS Consulting also provides a range of Profitability & Cost Management public education and training through webinar, on-site and various professional public forums. Sessions are delivered through one to two hour webinars and half-day, one day and two day workshops.

These sessions are conducted by seasoned, highly experienced and respected thought leaders with practical hands-on experience with the specific subject of the session.

Example sessions include the following:

  • Implementing Lean Accounting with Profit & Cost Modeling
  • Leveraging Activity Based Modeling for Profitability & Cost Management
  • Resource Capacity Consumption Based Profitability & Cost Modeling for Decision Support Analysis
  • Practical Approaches & Best Practices for Developing Product Customer and Channel Profitability Systems
  • Profitability & Cost Management Implementation Preparation
  • Closed-Loop Activity Based Costing & Planning/Budgeting a Single Integrated Costing and Planning/Budgeting Approach
  • Activity Based Software Intelligence Briefing Learn More

These webinars and workshops are provided to companies and organizations around the world.

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