Profitability & Cost System Design

Good Model Design for Good Decisions

Designing a good profitability and cost management system is a mix of art and science. Art in designing a good profitability and cost modeling system that leverages activity based methods to provide correct and relevant product, service, customer, process, and incremental cost and profitability information, decision makers need to make good decisions. Decisions that will lead their organizations into a more profitable future. Poorly designed models, even if using the best software and technology, will produce bad information and likely result in bad decisions that potentially destroy profit.

Art and science in designing a profitability and cost system that models the realities of the organization in a way that provides decision makers with the information they need and that is sustainable over time within the realities of the organization's resources. Pulling together this mix of art with the science of information technology is our specialty.

Our consultants are world recognized experts in the design of profitability and cost management systems leveraging activity based methods and technology. We bring a unique combination of subject matter expertise with hands-on software, systems integration and business intelligence reporting skills and experience.

We work side-by-side with your project team to provide guidance and hands-on resources to:

  • Functional Design for Each Area Within Scope
  • Overall Costing, Profitability, What-If Analysis, Planning & Reporting Design
  • Technical Architecture Preliminary Design
  • Prototype of Profit & Cost Model, Data Store, Data Collection & Reporting Learn More
  • Software Intelligence, Evaluation and Selection Learn More
  • Confirm Project Definition and Implementation Plans.
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