Technical Design & Build

Build For Success

A combination of modeling software expertise and information systems implementation expertise is required to build an effective and sustainable cost and profitability system. The build of the profitability and cost model is typically developed and maintained by the business function and/or finance organization. The development of the systems integration is typically provided from the IT side, with strong participation from the business for the source data identification, data quality, and reporting development.

Working The Gray Space

A successful system implementation requires resources from all three areas of the organization (Functional, Finance and Information Technology) to collaborate as a holistic project team. Often much easier said than done. PCS Consultants work the gray space to help bridge the skills and perspectives of these groups with the unique mix of cost / profit management, industry and information technology expertise and experience.

Many organizations do not have all of the expertise or resources available required for an implementation. PCS Consulting provides the additional cost management expertise and hands-on resources required to achieve a successful implementation.

Working Side By Side Assistance

We work side-by-side with our client project teams to provide guidance, expertise, experience and hands-on resources to design and build successful profitability and cost management systems that are sustainable over time. We are experts with the leading activity based cost management solutions, systems integration technology and business intelligence reporting and analysis solutions. Our side by side approach focuses on knowledge transfer as a key objective of the overall implementation.

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