PCS Announces Acorn Systems Support Service

PCS Consulting announces support service for Acorn Systems Customers - June 1, 2016

PCS To Begin Providing Acorn Systems Support for Customers

PCS Consulting today announces a new support service for existing Acorn Systems customers.  Acorn Systems was acquired by Ignite Technologies in July 2014.  Since the acquisition, Ignite has eliminated many of the original Acorn development and support staff, leaving a void in support to the existing customer base.  In the last 12 months, PCS began receiving requests from existing Acorn customers looking for assistance with their Acorn implementation or looking to replace the Acorn solution entirely.  PCS decided to provide this new service to  assist these customers to keep and improve their Acorn implementation or to provide enough support to defer the replacement decision a year, two or three.

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PCS Consulting, Inc. is independent of and in no way affiliated with Ignite Technologies

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