Anaplan CEO Leaves Company

Anaplan CEO leaves the company after 3.5 years at the helm. April 27, 2016

Anaplan's CEO Leaves Company

CEO Frederic Laluyaux left Anaplan after three years at the helm.  Laluyaux's departure came only a few months after the January 2016 appointments of James Budge as Chief financial officer and Paul Melchiorre as chief revenue officer.  “The board and Fred believe it’s the right time to bring in a new set of talent to take us to a much higher level and become a much bigger company,” CFO James Budge told the WSJ.

Mr. Laluyaux was brought into Anaplan as CEO in September 2012, replacing co-founder Guy Haddleton, who remains on the board.   He was previously a Senior Vice President at SAP, by way of SAP's acquisition of  BusinessObjects in 2008, who acquired ALG Software 18 months prior, where Laluyaux was an executive for over 9 years.  ALG Software was the original vendor of the Profitability & Cost Management (PCM) software currently provided by SAP.


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