Industries Served

Our consultants have extensive experience implementing Profitability and Cost Management systems in the following industries.

Financial Services

Serving Large and Small Banks, Credit Unions, Banking Services and Insurance Companies:

  • Major Retirement Plan Record Keeping Company
  • Regional Health Insurance Company
  • Multinational Investment Bank & Financial Services Company
  • Large Global Bank
  • Major US Bank
  • Large Banking Core Processing Services Company
  • Credit Union Cooperative
  • Private Mortgage Insurance Company
  • Large Life Insurance Company


Serving Large and Mid-Size, Process and Discrete, Industrial and Commercial Manufacturers:

  • Major US Semiconductor Manufacturer
  • International Specialty Chemicals Company
  • Fortune 100 Aluminum Manufacturer (Extrusions, Forgings, Castings, Rolling Mills)
  • World’s Largest Industrial Bearing Producer
  • Household Name Cheese Producer
  • Large Commercial Products Producers (Discrete, Process, Chemical)
  • Major Automotive Suppliers (Lighting, Paint, Transmissions, Components)
  • Off-Highway Industrial Vehicle, Engine & Transmissions Producers
  • Leading Mobile Phone Producer


Serving Retail and Commercial Logistics and Distribution Companies:

  • One of World’s Largest Distributors of IT Products and Services
  • Major Regional Grocery Transportation and Distribution
  • Large National Package Courier Company
  • Software Packaging and Distribution Company
  • Warehousing and Distribution Operations of Large Manufacturing Organization


Serving Telecommunications Service Providers and Equipment Producers

  • Large US Telecommunications Company
  • Largest Phone Producer in China
  • Global Mobile Phone Producer in Finland


Serving Healthcare Services

  • Multi-State Network of Health Care Organizations


Serving Federal and State Government

  • Military and Defense (Air Force and Coast Guard)
  • US Department of Education
  • US Mint

Through our extensive global partner network, we also can bring industry expertise in other industries, including Distribution, Telecommunications and Health Care.

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